Liquid Handling Pipettes YR03731 / YR03731-8

Manufacturer: Kalstein


YR Pipette Series are desgined and manufactured to provide you with a range of robust, accurate and precise pipettes. These models is a fixed volume, air-displacement pipette

Product Features
  • 121°C Sterilization for low-half part
  • Very low operating force
  • Colour indicates pipette volume
  • Positioned for perfect ergonomics
Model Volume Range Accuracy Repeatability
YR03731 5 μl ±2.0% ≤0.80%
YR03731-1 10 μl ±1.0% ≤0.50%
YR03731-2 20 μl ±1.0% ≤0.30%
YR03731-3 25μl ±1.0% ≤0.30%
YR03731-4 50 μl ±0.6% ≤0.30%
YR03731-5 100 μl ±0.6% ≤0.25%
YR03731-6 200 μl ±0.6% ≤0.15%
YR03731-7 500 μl ±0.6% ≤0.20%
YR03731-8 1 000 μl ±0.6% ≤0.15%

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 43 × 31 × 27 cm

YR03731 Pipette, YR03731-1 Pipette, YR03731-2 Pipette, YR03731-3 Pipette, YR03731-4 Pipette, YR03731-5 Pipette, YR03731-6 Pipette, YR03731-7 Pipette, YR03731-8 Pipette

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