Metallurgical Microscope YR0256

Manufacturer:ย Kalstein


  • Infinity Optical System, Bright Field/Dark Field, DIC, Polarizing
  • Total Magnification 50x-1000x With Infinity Plan BF/DF Objectives
  • Double Layer Mechanical Stage 186*138mm, Moving Range 74*50mm
  • Maximum Sample Height 30mm/50mm, With Specimen Preparation Plate
  • Reflect, Transmit/Reflect 24V 100W Halogen Light Kohler Illumination
Technical Specifications
Model YR0256
Standard Function BF-DF
Upgrade Function BF-DF-PL-DIC
Features Infinity BF+DF DIC
Optical System Infinity Plan
Head Type Seidentopf Trinocular
Head Inclination 30ยฐ
Head Rotation Head Rotate 360ยฐ
Head Interpupillary 40~75mm
Head Diopter Left Tube Adjustable
Head Light Path E50 : P50
Eyepiece Diameter 30.0mm
Nosepiece Features Inward with DIC Slot
Nosepiece Holes 5 holes
Objective Features LWD Covreless BF+DF DIC
Objective Type Infinity Plan Dark Field Metallurgical
Working Stage Features Size โ‰ฅ 140 x 180mm
Working Stage Type 2 Layers Mechanical
Focusing Features Safety Stop Lock Ring Tension Adjustable
Focusing Type Coaxial Coarse & Fine
Rack & Pinion center adjustable Iris Diaphragm
Condenser Type Swing – Out
Condenser N.A 0.9/0.25
Light Soruce Features Kohler Illumination Aspheric Collector Halogen 100W
Light Source Type Halogen
Power Supply Type AC 110V-240V

Additional information

Weight 12,5 kg
Dimensions 46,3 × 38,4 × 83 cm

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