Trolley Veterinary Anesthesia Machine YR06100


Product Description

Applied to animals of different weights and sizes

The non-breathing circuit interface is designed at the front of the machine, which is convenient for anesthetizing small animals

With pressure, volume, manual and other breathing modes, meet different clinical needs

The built-in high-precision sensor and valve control technology ensure the safety, stability and accuracy of pressure,flow and volume monitoring and control

  • Equipped with high-precision anesthesia vaporizer, three-year warranty
  • Import of core parts and components from the international origin
  • Equipped with 8-inch high-definition touch screen
  • Triple visual and audio security alarm system to ensure safety during surgery
  • Built-in proportional valve control system
  • Integrated circuit, easy to install and remove
  • Dome light system provides better vision for doctors Built-in battery, can last more than two hours
  • Just set the weight, other parameters are automatically calculated
Technical Specifications
Model YR06100
Working Mode Closed,Semi-closed,, semi-open system,Open
Driven mode Pneumatically driven manual controlled
Application 0.5-100kg animal
Anesthesia gas source switch start or stop the gas source control
Alarm parameter Upper tidal volume alarm,low oxygen alarm,Apnea,Power failure
Oxygen flush 25L/min~75L/min
Airway pressure O2:0.25Mpa~0.65Mpa
Concentration range Halothane: 0.2 to 5%
lsoflurane: 0.2 to 5%
Sevoflurane: 0.2 to 8%
Flow rate range 0.2 to 15L/min0.2 to 10L/Min (normal application)
Anesthetic volume 340ML (dry cavity) 300ML (wet cavity)
Suspension type Selectatec international standard type

Additional Information

Weight 85 kg
Dimensions 133 × 68 × 51 cm

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