Ultrapure water System YR53/YR53-1

Manufacturer:ย Kalstein


Atomic absorption/emission spectroscopy, mass spectrum, TOC detection, environmental monitoring, biochip development, trace organic matter anรกlisis

Productย Features

  • The case adopts ABS plastic spraying process; the appearance adopts curve design to be more beautiful and generous with removable drain tank
  • All Korean-style quick-inserted filter columns in the entire system are built into the chassis; easy maintenance and replacement;
  • Water quality online monitoring system, which can measure the water quality of the produced water immediately;
  • Equipped with a portable TDS pen, which can test TDS content, conductance and water temperature anytime and anywhere;
  • Touch the keys, two water quality, ready to use;
  • Touch the door to open the door design, the replacement of the filter element is simple and fast, the entire process does not require any tools, and the filter element replacement is easily completed;
  • Support WIFI expansion interface, provide mobile APP remote monitoring function, improve user experience; (optional)
  • Chinese LCD display and user-friendly operation interface allow you to fully monitor the working status and real-time data of the controller;
  • Four user passwords and factory password protection;
  • Perfect RO pure water and ultrapure water to make water, system water extraction, system flushing and other functions.
  • Perfect raw water pressure display, no water protection, high pressure water full protection functions and fault alarm function.
  • Complete consumable life management function, support the unique ID identification function of consumables, and eliminate counterfeit and inferior non-original consumables. (Optional)
  • It adopts low-voltage 24VDC as the main power supply, which complies with the safety regulations and meets the use in humid environments without causing harm to people.

Technical Specifications

Model YR53 YR53-1
Inlet water source Urban tap water, inlet water pressure: 0.15-0.5MPa, water temperature 5-40ยฐC
Water flow speed 1.5-2L/min
Water making speed 15 L/H
2 water outlets RO water and UP water
RO water quality Desalination rate as high as 95-99% (with new RO membrane)
UP water quality Resistivity 18.25Mฮฉ.cm@25ยฐC(ASTM type I water),
TOC: <3ppb, particles (>0.22um)<1/ml, microorganism<1cfu/ml
Resistivity 18.25Mฮฉ.cm@25ยฐC, TOC: <3ppb, particles (>0.22um)<1/ml, microorganism<1cfu/ml๏ผŒpyrogen<0.001EU/ml, RNasesโ‰ค0.01ng/ml, DNasesโ‰ค3Pg/ul
Power Source 220V/50Hz; 48-72W
Dimensions(mm) L x W x H:31.2 x 47.5 x 47.5cm
Standard configuration: Main unit (including 1 set of consumable filters) +12L pressure tank + accessory package

Additional information

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 55 × 63 × 68 cm

YR53, YR53-1

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