Recommendations for the use of the Pediatric Scale

Weighing units are equipment specially designed for pediatric practice in controlling the processes of growth of the baby and monitoring weight and measurement. In this case, the baby scales offered by Kalstein, are the ideal to enforce the demands of health professionals. In addition, it is a fairly accessible tool for those parents who comply with their children’s weight controls.

Baby scales are special because they allow to ensure the accuracy of the measurement. These have a concave surface, comfortable where the baby will be perfectly coupled, also supports children up to 20kg and shows differences from 5g between each measurement to evaluate the evolutionary processes of the child.

Recommendations for use

To organize the baby’s weight, it should be placed on top of the scale so that the baby can move without falling and be comfortable. The following general recommendations should be taken into account when initiating baby measures:

  • The user must ensure that nothing is on top of the weighing equipment
  • When you turn on your computer, the screen should dial 0.00
  • It is suggested to place a blanket or sheet so that the baby does not have direct contact with the surface of the equipment and feels more comfortable. You should not forget to record the weight of the blanket above.
  • Place the baby, preferably without clothes, with most of his little body inside the tray, and take into account that his arms do not exert pressure on the ends of the scale.
  • Finally, record the final weight.

All this will allow to assure both the pediatrician and the parents that the reading of the weight of the baby is correct and thus take the necessary measures for future evaluations and in turn control the feeding of the patient.

Likewise, it is recommended that these controls be practiced every month after the birth of the baby until the year, then, the control periods are advised to be every 3 months until the 3 years. However, for this period, the use of the scale must be changed to another measuring system that supports weight according to the age of the baby. It should be noted that the scale has a weight limit of between 15kg to 20kg, sufficient capacity in the first years of life of the child.

General Considertions

All medical equipment implemented in the consultations as well as at home, must be of excellent quality, as well as the collection of data and medical evaluations must be recorded accurately. That is why baby scales must be pre-calibrated, so that there is no margin for error, and incorrect diagnoses are not carried out. In addition, any medical equipment used for children should be provided with appropriate medical care.

However, to comply with the measures needed to control the weight of the baby, in addition to weighing and monitoring its growth, parents should see responsible pediatricians frequently and make sure that the baby grows strong and healthy. Also, it is essential to make them with excellent quality equipment, and Kalstein meets all sanitary measures for the sale and use of any of its equipment.

That is why, thanks to the structure, the weight of the baby can be kept under surveillance, since that is a matter for parents, where initially the monitoring processes begin from the birth of the baby in the maternity area of the hospital, to know if it was born in normal conditions. With time and the growth of the baby, it is advisable to monitor from the first month of life and do it regularly.

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