How old can I use the Baby Scale?

The scales are used to measure the weight of the baby without any inconvenience, able to support between 0g and 20kg, making it an ideal tool for parents and the pediatrician. Thanks to its design, it facilitates the placement of both the equipment and the baby, so it can be used at any time, without any worry and with enough precision.

Generally, there are equipment capable of measuring weight from early age to adults, but baby scales are special, because they are strictly for children from months of birth, to those who have a weight not greater than 20kg, capacity more than enough for the first years of life. In this sense, with the use of this tool, the standard measure of age and weight of the baby must be quickly calculated so as not to alter or overload the values of the equipment.

Importance of Baby Balance

In pediatrics, the importance of nutritional values is established with growth and occur with variations in weight, height and body composition, and baby scales are vital for recording these data. In this sense, health is one of the fields that demands cutting-edge technology to be able to cover with the personalized of each patient, and in this case, with the use of the balance in babies, necessary measures must be taken to know if the patient is with a state of nutrition and weight appropriate to his age, in addition to other indicators that can be known.

In this context, it is understood that both the growth and development of the baby, involves a set of changes as a result of the interaction of factors and conditions of the environment in which they live. And all this can be evaluated with the use of the balance, because it is the only tool that reveals these processes.

This is why baby scales became the most commonly used equipment for pediatricians in the office, in addition to being used at home. Because these home kits provide quick support to parents in determining their baby’s body weight.

Indicators using the Balance

For parents, the birth of the baby is exciting and you will always want to know how your growth is going. They must have the best equipment needed to monitor the growth of their child, and baby scales can provide all kinds of information.

The indicators of weight and height can determine if there is a deficiency or risk of contracting diseases associated with weight in children. And the scales provide this kind of information at an early age, because they provide the pediatrician and the parents with the weight corresponding to the age of each patient.

Likewise, the use of the baby scales provides a sense of security and shelter to the child intuitively, thanks to the menu of its digital indicator expressed in numbers on the LED screen that has built-in. It is really tailored to specific needs, by cutting-edge design and technology. As well as movement compensation systems to take the baby’s measurement when the baby is agitated.

On the other hand, the pleasantness and naturalness offered by the scale, makes it efficient in its handling, are easy to clean and are very safe, thanks to the surface attractively, prevents babies from falling. It should be considered that during the check-up, both parents and the pediatrician should be extremely cautious with the baby and avoid accidents.

Kalstein Brand Baby Scale

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