What are the Applications of a -86°C Ultra Freezer?

The Ultra Freezer is a device designed and developed to create a delicate system that provides advantages for the storage of samples, reagents, controls, tissues, blood and other biological materials, at extremely low temperatures of -80 to -86 °C. They are used, through the cascade cooling system, which use up to 20 times the energy trace of domestic refrigerators, and are used to refrigerate with greenhouse gas fluids.

It also allows the extensive storage of samples at cryogenic temperatures, such as liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide, which give rise to the quick-frozen products, and are applied in molecular biology or life sciences laboratories, and require long-term cryopreservation of biological samples.

-86°C Ultra Freezer Features

By electrofacial freezing or deep freezing, freezing processes are carried out in a very fast time, of approximately 120 minutes maximum, at a temperature below -40 ºC. This allows the physical structure of the samples to be preserved to the maximum, through a process that supports a cooling capable of quickly reaching the maximum crystallization temperature in a time not exceeding two hours.

The function of this equipment is based on the fact that through fluids such as liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide, which are not toxic and do not convey taste or smell, they can maintain the physical structure of the samples, avoiding the formation of macro-crystals, which usually in a slow freezing due to the effect of water, could break the structure of the samples and worsen their qualities when expanding.

Applications of the Ultra Freezer

Mainly, the distinction between an ultra-freezer and a common freezer is in fact the operating temperature, which ranges from -40° to -90°. However, the consequence of using this equipment is that it maintains its function in a laboratory, intended for industrial and scientific research.

Accordingly, it has special qualities that depend on its applications, which are:

  • Biological (life sciences, bacteria and micro-organisms)
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical (synthetic materials, enzymes, reagents)
  • Medical (cells, DNA, bone material, plasma, virus)
  • Food (deep-sea fishing)

The main function of an ultrafeezer is to store samples, at low temperatures and for a long time, for this reason, reference applications include particularly delicate samples.

Therefore, in most cases, an ultra-freezer is equipped with a protection system that maintains stable temperatures, in order to protect the samples inside.

Storage of Samples in an Ultra Freezer

Biological samples are stored in polymer tubes and microtubes, inside storage boxes, which are commonly made of cardboard, polymer plastics or other materials. Therefore, the storage boxes, contain a grid of dividers, which agree to store the samples of approximately 350 to 450 boxes of microtubes.

According to this, the structure of this team, is able to certify in depth, its capabilities and maintain the effectiveness of the components, which are required for the control, maintenance and reliable and safe conservation of samples, in addition, they offer optimal solutions for scientific and industrial research, optimizing their applications, in hospitals, medical research institutes (genetics, prevention of diseases and epidemics), microbiological research institutes, blood banks and transfusion centers, pharmaceutical research laboratories, chemical research laboratories and industrial research laboratories (e.g. food, textile materials).

Ultra Freezer Brand Kalstein

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