Why is an Ultra Freezer important in Labs?

The storage and storage system of samples and products within a laboratory, constitutes a significant part of the quality of the final products developed in it. In this sense, the optimal organization of the warehouse, must manage the available resources and prevent the needs, so that the samples and products, always are found when, how much and where they are needed.

Additionally, the laboratory has a storage system of reagents that must be stored at temperatures below 8°C. For this, the use of the deep freezer should be taken into account, being an essential tool for the conservation of samples.

Therefore, the importance of this equipment is based on temperature control, for the storage of special materials, such as blood plasma, biological products, scientific materials, vaccine protection, long-term storage of samples without damaging their atomic structure, and potential permanent use, which contributes to the strategic objectives of the laboratory.

Methods of use of the ultrabezoidal freezer in the laboratory

Currently, the functions of the laboratories for the preservation of the samples or substances for study, use the systems of ultrafrosting, which has to do with the use of liquid nitrogen, in which it freezes the sample and decreases its temperature to about -46 °C.

Accordingly, in order to use this type of deep-freezing, it is necessary to use special protective equipment, in addition, the operator must have knowledge in the handling of this equipment, and also in the use of liquid nitrogen, since it has great difficulty in controlling temperature.

Ultra freezers are specially designed equipment to create an environment of up to -86 °C inside them and offer advantages, which are:

  • It has a simple installation adjusted to the ideal type of current so that when operating it, reaches the desired temperature.
  • Temperature control is easy to use.
  • It works with closed cooling circuits, so there is no consumption of cooling agents.

Importance of the Ultra Freezer for the Preservation of Samples

For the conservation of samples, the selection of temperature is a determining and important factor for laboratories, and therefore, the deterioration of the sample, cancels any analytical effect, therefore, it must be preserved in a way that ensures its integrity, safety, regularity and stability. Preservation of the sample should prevent physical or chemical variations that may cause alterations in the composition of the trace elements. To do this, it is necessary to use an ultra-freezer, so that the samples and equipment are not contaminated with foreign matter.

In this sense, the samples are spoiled for many reasons, which cause changes in the composition such as: oxidation processes by contact with the atmosphere, denaturation of proteins by excess heat, fermentations, photochemical reactions, microbiological effects, water absorption, etc. Therefore, they must be preserved, so that the risks of alterations that this may experience before the analysis are minimized.

Finally, deep-freezing at -80°C is the method of choice for long-term conservation of biological samples, since it prevents the deterioration of nucleic acids, proteins and other biomolecules. Among the samples that are kept deep-frozen, are organic tissues, nucleic acids (DNA / RNA), cells, plasma samples.

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