What is an autoclave and what is it for?

An autoclave is a thick-walled metal container with a tight seal that allows working with high-pressure, high-temperature water vapor, used to sterilize medical or laboratory equipment. This computer is capable of inactivating most viruses and bacteria.ย  The autoclave was invented by Charles Chamberland in 1879.

Autoclaves are equipment used mainly in sterilization applications and in the chemical industry, and today thanks to its effectiveness and low cost, it remains one of the most used methods of sterilization, because it produces greater volume of sterile material, destroys in a shorter time the infectious matter present and does not damage the material to be sterilized (provided that the latter is suitable for autoclavado).

What’s an autoclave for?

The autoclaves serve to sterilize equipment and materials by subjecting them to saturated water vapor at high pressure at 121ยฐC for about 15 to 20 minutes depending on the size of the load and content.

Steam sterilization (the principle used by the autoclave) is the most effective method, in terms of cost and time. Because water vapor under pressure above the atmosphere affects microorganisms, causing a coagulation or solidification of their protoplasmic mass, stopping their vital processes and causing cell death.

Structure of an autoclave

An autoclave is made up of an airtight chamber made of stainless steel, quadrangular or cylindrical in shape, arranged horizontally or vertically. This chamber can be provided with a single door for loading and unloading materials or two doors located in the loading and unloading areas of materials.

The autoclave door has a mechanism that allows its hermetic sealing to the chamber and prevents its opening during the sterilization process. In two-door autoclaves this mechanism also prevents simultaneous opening of the same at all times to avoid communication of two different areas.

  • By Gravity: In these autoclaves the air is removed by gravity, when the vapor enters the chamber, the cold air that is in it tends to leave through the duct that is located in the bottom of the chamber. This process is very slow and favors residual air remaining in the chamber.


  • From Prevacio: These autoclaves have a vacuum pump that quickly removes all air from the chamber, so that steam is introduced faster inside the chamber, increasing the efficiency of the autoclave by removing air bags and increasing the speed of the process. It is a much more efficient type of autoclave than others.

Precautions when using an autoclave

Autoclaves are instruments that use high-pressure, high-temperature steam for sterilization. The risks are potential and therefore it is necessary to follow certain precautions:

  • Before starting the sterilization process, it is necessary to remove all air from the autoclave chamber, otherwise the required sterilization conditions cannot be reached because the internal chamber of the equipment cannot be saturated by water vapor.
  • The sterilization time should start counting once the autoclave internal chamber has reached 121ยบC.
  • If materials such as surgical instruments, equipment are to be sterilized, they should not be covered with water-resistant materials such as aluminum foil, because aluminum foil does not allow steam access to the material and thus sterilization will not be achieved.
  • When the material to be sterilized is placed inside the equipment, the free circulation of water vapor around all the material must be ensured.

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