What is a steam generator in an autoclave?

A steam generator is equipment that provides pure steam for sterilization carried out in autoclaves. Pure steam is obtained from the deionized water supply of the boiler with electric immersion heaters. It is a system formed by a boiler and some accessories, whose objective is to transform a liquid into vapor, using high temperatures.

Ideally, steam is best supplied to the autoclave from an integrated or independent steam generator, which is designed and constructed for the sole purpose of steam supply for autoclave sterilization. A steam generator, whether incorporated or independent, is designed with optimal operating pressure, quality pipes and components to ensure that the steam sterilization process is not compromised.

Operation of a steam generator

An autoclave consists of a sterilization chamber, a steam generator connected to the sterilization chamber and at least one temperature probe consisting of a thermoresistance to control the steam generator, which is sensitive to the temperature of the steam contained in the steam generator. The sterilization chamber of an autoclave is directly connected to the steam generator, since the temperature probe is in association with the chamber, chamber and steam generator as a whole, are considered as a pressurized combustion equipment. Being able to supply steam to superheated water above 110ยบ C, with a volume of more than 2 liters.

Steam generators use steam under pressure as a sterilizing agent for articles, materials, surgical instruments, utensils and other materials resistant to heat and humidity at temperatures between 121ยฐC and 134ยฐC. That is why autoclaves can be connected to an internal steam generator to allow faster cycles with efficient energy consumption and eliminate dependence on an external steam source.

What is a steam generator in an autoclave for?

These steam generators are responsible for supplying water vapor during the sterilization process, this element is an excellent agent for transmitting heat energy to materials compared to dry air. In the wet heat sterilization process, water molecules condense on cool surfaces, including surfaces of living organisms, and transfer about 2500 joules per gram of vapor.

The combined action of pressure, temperature and vapor leads to the coagulation of microorganism proteins, including those essential for life and reproduction, which leads to their destruction.

Where do you put a steam generator?

An autoclave steam generator can be placed under the autoclave, and is called an integrated steam generator, or it can be external to the autoclave, and is known as a stand-alone steam generator.

The most important aspect when deciding between an integrated or independent steam generator is the size of the autoclave, either a one- or two-door autoclave and the size of the steam generator. A built-in steam generator is often preferred to save space. Sometimes the autoclave is too big and then there is no other option but to position it next to the autoclave and there are even cases that the steam generator is placed on top of the autoclave.

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  • The door opening mechanism cannot be operated until the pressure in the chamber is reduced to 0.027Mpa. It cannot start if the door does not close completely.
  • The safety valve will open automatically when internal pressure exceeds 0.24 Mpa and steam escapes to the water tank.
  • The chamber, door, jacket, water tank are made of 304 stainless steel.
  • Built-in steam generator, water tank and water level indicator.
  • With two pressure temperature indicators, real-time display of the temperature and pressure of the inner chamber and jacket.

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