Liquid Nitrogen Uses and Applications

August 10, 2022by Kalstein

Liquid nitrogen, an extremely cold chemical, reaches temperatures of about -328°F (-200°C). It instantly freezes anything it touches. It is used to destroy cells that make up diseased or cancerous tissue, causing its destruction by drying and detachment.

Liquid nitrogen is colorless and should be used with caution because it can cause burns. It is also a type of inert gas (it displaces oxygen), which makes up about 78% of the air in the atmosphere.

In this sense, the uses of liquid nitrogen are very wide and varied, applied as a cryogenic agent to freeze blood and tissue samples, and destroy diseased tissue in dermatology, to conserve and transfer samples, in restoration. They are also used in different sectors, such as: aeronautics, healthcare, automobile, food, metallurgy, welding, restoration, among others.

Functions of Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen tanks are used for the preservation of samples at very low temperatures of approximately -328°F (-200°C), allowing to protect the methods of saturation, oxidation and contamination. These units are made of high-strength stainless steel tanks to withstand low temperatures.

Liquid nitrogen is the most commonly used cryogenic, causing most solid substances or samples to become brittle, and can be easily fractured, so for its handling, is extremely delicate, because decompression of the gas, would make the expansion so fast, that would cause the rupture or possible explosion of them.

Applications and Usage

Since nitrogen is an inert gas, it is ideal for a wide range of uses and applications in many different sectors. It should be noted that different purity states are required for different applications. While extraordinarily pure nitrogen may be required, in certain applications (e.g. in the food and beverage sector and pharmaceutical industry), others require much lower purity (e.g. in fire prevention).

Here are some typical applications of liquid nitrogen:

  • In the case of the automotive sector, liquid nitrogen is a vital component not only for car manufacturing, but also for safety, as it is a component in airbags.
  • In the food sector, it is used for refrigeration and freezing of food. Liquid nitrogen reaches extremely cold temperatures, making it the fastest method of individual freezing food.
  • In the metal sector: Nitrogen prevents oxidation. It is a key component as a drag and purge gas in steel production.
  • Liquid nitrogen can be delivered in several ways:
    • Deposits for small applications, mainly in dermatology.
    • In situ production, but large volumes of liquid nitrogen or high purity nitrogen are required.
    • Pipelines, offering flexibility and continuous delivery to high volume users.

Advantages of Liquid Nitrogen

For industrial and food processes, using liquid nitrogen brings countless advantages in production processes, significantly improving the final product result.

As well as, in the health sector, liquid nitrogen brings benefits in laboratories, which include: preservation of frozen biological samples. It achieves a quick freeze, which prevents damage to structures. It allows for the preservation of blood, egg and sperm samples. And it holds tissue and cell samples in a lab.

Therefore, it is advisable to maintain safety in handling, because it is an inert gas, which displaces oxygen and due to its low temperature, can cause burns.

Liquid Nitrogen Tanks in Kalstein

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