Water Purification Systems: Factor Determining Water Quality

Basically, water is the most used source for the production of specific processes within the laboratory, and the design of the installation of water purification systems, are essential.

Water has polarity properties and hydrogen bonds, capable of absorbing and dissolving any artificial compound, which are harmful to health. This is why purification mechanisms are essential for laboratories, since their high purity in analytical processes can dramatically reduce the time spent in solving problems caused by contamination of the sample or instrument.

Water purification systems, most commonly used for laboratory applications, are ion exchange systems, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet radiation.

Water Purification Systems

Laboratories must have certified purification systems that provide this liquid in high purity. Therefore, a constant water quality can be achieved for laboratory procedures, which are:

  • Ion Exchange Systems: used for demineralization and deionization of water, and removing unwanted ions to replace them with desirable ions. These ion exchange systems are efficient in obtaining clean water for laboratory use, through deionization regeneration with acid and bases.
  • Reverse Osmosis: These systems send high-pressure water through layers of semipermeable membranes that filter out unwanted minerals and microorganisms from the feedwater. In general, they absorb larger contaminated fragments, such as chlorine, and depend on membranes to remove smaller contaminants.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) light: UV water treatment works by directing the feed water through ultraviolet lights, before it is finally discharged from the tap. The disinfection light must be at the perfect wavelength to eradicate the microbes that are present in drinking water. They are effective for the removal of biological organisms such as viruses, bacteria, cysts, protozoa, fungi, etc.

Factors for Determining Water

The identification and quantification of dissolved pollutants is done by very specific methods in laboratories, because these are the pollutants that are associated with health risks.

Water quality is stipulated by different parameters and vital factors for its purification, including:

  • Acidity: this is measured by the count of transformation at a given PH. It is understood as an order added to water when its chemical composition is known.
  • Conductivity: measures the conductive volume of electric current. The presence of inorganic dissolved solids such as chloride, nitrate, phosphate, among others, is necessary because it increases the conductivity of water.
  • Metals: The presence of some metals is essential, and others can negatively affect the water used for pharmaceutical processes.

Water quality can also be determined by a number of quantitative laboratory analyzes, such as pH, total solids (TS), conductivity and microbial contamination.

The pH is the value that determines whether a substance is acidic, neutral or basic, calculated by the number of hydrogen ions present. Total solids (TS) are the sum of all dissolved and suspended solids in water. When the water is analyzed for TS the sample is dried and the residue is weighed afterwards. ST can be both organic and inorganic substances, microorganisms and larger particles such as sand and clay. And conductivity means the conduction of energy by the ions. Measurement of water conductivity can provide a clear view of the grouping of ions in water, since water is naturally tenacious to the conduction of energy.

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