What are the characteristics of a cooling plate?

In a histology laboratory, a series of processes and techniques are carried out to meet the highest demands of the functions that are performed to obtain the desired analyzes or results, as you know, histology is the study of tissues, and to perform this analysis precise cuts of paraffin blocks are made, and it is essential to make these cuts accurately perform a cooling process.

For this reason, it is essential the presence of cooling plates in a histology laboratory, since they considerably improve paraffin blocks, making the process faster and reducing the working time of doctors and researchers in the laboratory, also avoids cracks in the cutting process and thus avoids discarding samples, reducing expenses; but mainly meets the most delicate requirements that are made in histology.

Importance of the cooling plate in a histology laboratory

The importance of this equipment lies in its use within the laboratory, the cooling process facilitates the paraffin block processes, since when a small amount of molten ice moisture enters the block it becomes easier to cut; this process that is done through the cooling plate protects the elements within the tissue sample.

This cold wax process allows to make thinner cuts of frozen tissues to then mount on the slide at room temperature, this procedure allows to leave the tissues ready for staining, then these sheets of tissue are placed in a drying oven.

Features of the Kalstein brand cooling plate

There is a wide range of cooling plates on the market, according to the manufacturer they offer you a series of features that make the equipment the most suitable for the anatomical pathology laboratory, in this case, we KALSTEIN offer you a series of features that undoubtedly cover the most demanding needs of doctors and researchers:

  • In KALSTEIN we offer two models, which have a new inverter compressor, which makes the paraffin blocks of the fabric cool quickly.
  • They have an important Teflon coating, which guarantees easy cleaning, so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • It is safer, as you can freely adjust the temperature of your cooling plate.
  • The cooling plate we offer you has the option available to prevent the wax in the fabric from getting cold or breaking the cold.

Advantages of cooling plate in tissue sample processing

The features of this equipment guarantee some advantages that will allow you to meet the requirements for essential in the process of the applications of histology, we will see some advantages below:

  • The energy-saving cooling board.
  • The largest refrigerated surface with the lowest space requirement.
  • Digital temperature regulation
  • Super Silent fans.
  • Maximum temperature: -18ยฐC.
  • 96 paraffin blocks can be cooled at the same time.
  • Stainless Steel Frame.
  • Stainless Steel Cooling Surface.
  • Setting temperature: RT~-20โ„ƒ
  • Cryo-plate area: 330x322mm
  • Voltage: AC220V 50Hz AC110V 60Hz
  • Power: 300W
  • Dimension: 685ร—380ร—430 mm (Widthร—Depthร—Height)
  • Weight: 26kg

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