What are the different types of coagulation analysers?

Coagulation analyzers are laboratory tools that speed up analysis of clotting factors, which represent proteins in the blood that help control bleeding. The analyser determines these factors. When a person has an injury or cut that can cause bleeding, clotting factors work together to create a blood clot that prevents constant and excessive blood loss. 

The primary function of coagulation analyzers is to perform tests of the factors and determine if a patient has problems in any of the factors, and determine any diagnosis related to a bleeding disorder, considering that this type of evaluation is indispensable when the person is going to undergo some surgical operation, it is necessary to have this type of devices in clinics and hospitals. 

Because you need a coagulation analyser

Every laboratory must have a coagulation equipment, because it works to determine if a person has a bleeding disorder, in this case there are certain factors that can influence, such as family history, so the person comes to the laboratory for an analysis; also indicates the doctor if you already have the hypothesis that does not have an inherited bleeding disorder, because it means that there are other causes, such as: Liver disease, vitamin K deficiency, anticoagulant drugs.

The advantages of this equipment are in its medical and surgical applications, clotting tests, are requested when: Bleeds long after a wound, bruises easily, Swelling, Pain and stiffness, Blood clot for no apparent reason; when blood is constantly clotting in a specific place can be very risky, as a blood clot forms, which can move around the body and cause a heart attack, a stroke and risk the person’s life.

Types of coagulation analyzers

The types of analyzers can be presented of two types automatic and semi-automatic, according to the manufacturer, the differences between the coagulation equipment is in the technical sheet or individual characteristics of the equipment, the important thing is to have a reliable manufacturer that can give immediate answers to possible doubts or technical failures of the equipment; in this case we at KALSTEIN offer you high-end equipment and warranty with European recognition. 

At KALSTEIN, as a manufacturer we have the best materials and qualified staff, which guarantees the effectiveness and efficiency of the equipment, so we present two important models: 

  1. Coagulation Analyser YR05117:
  • test channel: 2
  • Sample of preheating position: 16
  • Reagent preheating position: 4
  • Sample consumption: 20— 40uL
  • Reagent consumption: PT: 40uL, APTT: 20uL, other: 30uL, open reagent
  • Precision test: CV<2%
  • Memory: 10000
  1. Coagulation Analyser YR05118: 
  • Test Channel: 4
  • Preheating position sample: 24
  • Reagent preheating position: 6
  • Sample consumption: 20— 40uL
  • Reagent consumption: PT: 40uL, APTT: 20uL, other: 30uL, open reagent
  • Precision test: CV<2%
  • Memory: 10000
  • Display screen: 5 inch LCD

General characteristics of KALSTEIN coagulation analyzers

  • Low reagent consumption less than 2oul, open reagent.
  • Special test vessel location system, adding sample support
  • The advanced optical light combination system ensures a precise result.
  • Optional PT-derived method for analyzing fibrinogen
  • Decrease the dose of regenant.
  • Top quality thermostat, precision 37°C ± 0.3°C
  • Dispensing accuracy: CV <2%
  • Memory for 10,000 test results
  • Internal Thermosensitive Printer
  • Optional electronically attached pipette
  • Perform all routine tests such as PT.APTT.TT Fibrionogen and clotting factors
  • RS232 interface, PC connection

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