What is a Blood Chemistry Analyser?

Blood chemistry analyzers are clinical laboratory equipment, essential for the medical area, because through it different pathologies are determined, and studies are also performed to establish the type of treatment to be administered to the patient, as well as the follow-up of the same. In them, the read process is performed after the scan has finished. With the analyser, the entire read and value of the analyte is carried out, once the reaction has taken place.

These processes over the years and with the relevant development of this branch of science, have been incorporated in the laboratories, analyzers belonging to different commercial houses with characteristics focused on the type of reactive system.

Importance of Blood Chemistry Analysers

A blood chemistry is a test that measures the levels of certain substances in the blood, which provides information to the specialist doctor, the functioning of certain organs, such as the liver and kidneys, by calculating and reporting the chemical components dissolved in the blood.

Thanks to its function, these devices can perform from 125 to 1600 photometric tests per hour, proving to be the best research procedure, to detect diseases or prevent events, being indispensable in clinical laboratories, for investigations of blood components.

It has fully automated systems, with advanced technology, by centrifuges and capillaries to mix diluents and reagents, by means of a disposable disk, which reduces procedural errors. It is extremely easy to use, so it does not require dedicated staff and allows any user to operate it.

Factors to Improve the Functioning of Analyzers

When operating blood chemistry analyzers, consideration should be given to elements important for proper functioning such as:

  • The advantage of an analyser requires a significant investment, also, it will be necessary to take into account the types of reagents to be able to carry out the analytical studies.
  • Like all medical equipment, the analyzers require maintenance, as regular monitoring and quality control ensures the correct functioning of the device.
  • The reagents that are used for the standard of results in a blood chemistry analysis, must be performed correctly, since on this depends the appropriate result, and not offer the patient an error that causes harmful harm to a person. It is essential to take into account the type of equipment, since there is an optimal differentiation between whether it is closed or open, since closed systems only accept reagents of the same brand as the device, and analyzers compatible with any brand of reagents, are known as commercially open.

According to the above, there are many types of reagents, depending on the specific study, such as diagnostic or clinical applications, it should be mentioned that to respond to the correct functioning of the analyser, it is mandatory to have control solutions, diluents, dyes and calibrators

Performance Measurements

The performance of an analyser can be calculated using the measurement technique, and in turn by two key elements:

  • Leukocyte Differentiation: This element can be divided into three classifications: lymphocytes, monocytes, and granulocytes, and the granulocytes are equally designated into three groups which are basophilic granulocytes, eosinophilic granulocytes, and neutrophilic granulocytes. So there are five differentiating families.
  • Quantification of parameters that the equipment can provide: it is about providing aspects of measurement, such as the volume, the rate of each element, concentration, to mention some. Depending on the model, it is possible to provide from nine to more than fifty parameters.

Its functionality is what needs the advantage, as they offer a more complete study of the blood, which makes it possible to know more accurate data of the patient’s condition and even detect diseases with quite complex blood.

Blood Chemistry Analysers Brand Kalstein

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